IP ADDRESS:Before going into the depths of IP address. We need to understand that what is an internet service provider. An internet service provider can be both local, regional or national. Local groups form a community and support us with an internet connection. Private groups own a big company for providing us the internet. These companies are high scale and profit organizations. For example, a person with internet service connection has their own IP address. This address is under both government and provider surveillance. They regulate data and notice suspicious activities. If a person is using up a questionable amount of data. He will come under their noses. Pirated content requires constant streaming and a lot of data. Such a huge amount of video streaming makes the provider check on the user. Cyberflix and similar apps require a lot of traffic.

VPN:Whenever we are using apps like these, we can see a message for VPN popping up on our sites. While using apps like Terrarium, a pop up for VPN would always arrive. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which forms a private network used by a group. This group is trying to sneak into the app and using VPN in order to do so. VPN doesn’t hide your data completely but enhances security.



We need to understand that how does our internet service provider work. Our ISP tracks our data easily. Even if we use VPN they can do so. ISP leaves the job to the authorities. They check the torrent bits and can hunt down people. Those who are using illegal and pirated sites can be viewed by them. Even though the ISP gets a whiff of this, they don’t interfere. They will just slow down your net for jamming the services. They leave things to the government officials. The pirated sites when explored carefully. The users get into trouble. A legal warning is sent to them and if they don’t back out. These people are subjected to severe punishment. The ISP can’t do anything about this for they have already warned you.


Appslike Cyberflix and others are much different than torrent bits. These don’t sell pirated content. They support links to videos which are available on the internet. They are not a profit organization and aren’t subjected to any kind of trouble.