Baked Snacks that You’ll Find Highly Liberating


 For most people who want to lose weight, strict dieting must be followed at all times. Well, many of us stick to the rule of a 3-meal plan and find it to be a very effective dieting method. Specifically, we eat like a king during breakfast, regular size during lunch, and a light meal at dinner. We often fight the urge of taking snacks as we mostly believe that once we break this routine, we can say goodbye to our beautifully fit physique. Maybe there are partial facts about this idea but it’s not entirely factual at all. As long as you choose the right kinds of snacks, like some of those presented at, snacking is a safe and healthy activity.

Baked Food in General

Cooking food by way of baking is generally great for people who aim for good health. For one thing, the dry heat cooking process could retain vitamins and minerals in the food and for another thing, it eliminates excessive fat and oil of various meat products. In addition, while frying food in oil and high temperature is believed to form Advanced Glycation End (AGE) Products (compounds linked to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases), it’s least likely in baking, thus would seem to be the healthier option.


Healthy Baked Snacks

Baked Walnut

Walnuts are rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. With the capacity of the bake cooking method to retain nutrients, you can expect to absorb most of the vitamins and minerals from it. Did you know that walnuts are great to control appetite? Based on the study conducted by Farr, OM et 2018, the subjects who consumed walnut smoothies a day for 5 days decreased hunger and appetite as compared to those who did not.

Baked Apple-Cinnamon

You can eat raw (uncooked or unbaked) apple and be guilt-free for it’s packed with vitamins and minerals that’s good for your health. In fact, a certain healthy food article emphasized that that there’s nothing wrong with snacking fruits (including apples) for these are overflowing with nutrients that are needed for our bodies to function well. But why can’t you make snacking with apples more interesting? Add cinnamon to your baked apple recipe and you’ll have fun and a healthy diet.


Baked Dates

Dates are a perfect snack for your road to health and fitness. It’s rich in muscle building electrolyte called potassium, hence great to be consumed before and after a workout. It can be a good source of dietary fibers too. It helpsin relieving constipation and effectively sweeps away the bad cholesterol. So if you want a no-guilt snack, perhaps you should be ready to bake dates anytime.

Healthy Snacking Deal

You might be applying the concept of a 3-meal plan to lose weight and feel bad every time you indulge in taking snacks. Well, don’t be! Just choose baked walnuts, apples, dates and some varieties of baked snackrecipes found in and other related websites. Have your healthy snacks baked and liberate yourself from the stigma!